Execution Alert: 3 men executed in Bahrain and this father of three may be next

On Sunday 15th January, Bahrain executed three men – the first executions in the country for six years. Now we have to do everything we can to save the man who may be next - Mohammed Ramadan. Mohammed, a police officer and father of three, was tortured and sentenced to death for attending a pro-democracy protest.

The UK government has provided 5 million pounds in 4 years to the system that made these executions possible - training police officers, prosecutors, and even the death row guards. In Mohammed’s case, Bahrain’s UK-trained torture investigator refused to investigate his torture allegations for two whole years. During that period, he was sentenced to death in a trial that relied on torture confessions.

Stop Bahrain executing its political opponents – call on the UK Government to end its assistance to Bahrain’s death penalty system and take steps to prevent Mohammed's execution.


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