Send a message of support to Haroon Gul in Guantánamo Bay

Haroon is a victim of mistaken identity. He was mistaken for a fighter with a similar name, rounded up and handed over to the Americans, who then subjected him to torture. 10 years later this injustice has still not been corrected and Haroon remains imprisoned.

Far from being an extremist, Haroon was a honey trader who grew up in a refugee camp after his family fled Afghanistan. He is a compassionate, intelligent family man who is devoted to his wife and 10-year-old daughter Maryam. He wants nothing more than to be reunited with them. 

For years Haroon slipped though the net at Gitmo and did not have anyone to fight for him. Now, Reprieve has taken on his case and we are working to free him. 

Let Haroon know that the world has not forgotten about him - send your message of support. 

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