Ask your MP to hold Boris Johnson to account for his failure of Andy Tsege

Andy Tsege is a British father of three who was kidnapped from an international airport in 2014 and rendered to Ethiopia as part of a brutal crackdown on political opponents and activists. Prior to his kidnapping, Andy was sentenced to death at a politically motivated trial he was not even invited to attend. Andy has now been imprisoned for over two years.

The UK government has so far refused to call for Andy’s release. In his latest open letter, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the FCO will focus on asking that Andy be allowed to see a lawyer, despite the fact that the Ethiopian Government has said he has no way of appealing his death sentence. This approach ignores the fact that Andy Tsege is not a criminal, but himself a victim of criminal human rights abuses.

Andy is a British citizen and his continued illegal detention and abuse at the hands of the Ethiopian authorities must end. But this week Boris Johnson even refused to answer questions in Parliament about Ethiopia’s failure to deliver on its weak promises to the UK government.

Can you join our fight to bring Andy home to his family and ask your MP to raise Andy’s case with Boris Johnson?

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